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Many liters of milk dissappeared through this tiny Ganesh murthi in Mumbai. Note the sluice around the stone and the towel beneath the statue (and the cricital gazes of the witnesses). A unperceived draining of the milk is impossible. Source: India Today, 26.5.1995




Milk dissappearing into a Shiva statue (India Today, Sep 26 1995).




There are many sceptics and scientists who have tried to explain what happened on September 21, 1995 in terms of science. Some have repeatedly said that this so-called "Milk Miracle" was caused by something as simple as capillary action. Some have tried to attribute it to a case of "global scale mass hallucination or hysteria". To them, I would like to say this - there are many things that we just cannot explain with our present levels of science and technology. Perhaps, we will need to look into our souls and discover the secret spiritual powers that we all have before we can fully explain such phenomena. Also, there is one simple question which has always come to my mind as far as the Milk Miracle goes. It is a question that is simple, but scientists who are of the view that it was just capillary action, need to answer it: Why is it that for the thousands of years before September 21, 1995 and the six and a half years after has this miracle not repeated itself? If it was attributed to capillary action alone, then this should take place today as well. But it doesn't. If you try to feed a Ganesh idol with milk today, it will not absorb it. Please explain this first and then doubt later.

Source: The day of the Milk Miracle, by Prashant Solomon